Investing public speaker of the year Robert Rolih

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Robert Rolih is simply the investing public speaker you are looking for if you want to have a very successful conference or seminar. His unique perspective on investing will leave your audience mesmerized and ready to take action.

Investing public speaker Robert Rolih

Robert has already inspired tens of thousands of people worldwide to take control of their financial lives.
Let him inspire you and your audience too!

Investing and money public speaking Robert Rolih


"Robert regularly speaks on our stage at Kevin Green Wealth events. He is particularly engaging with our audience who love his refreshingly honest and down to earth information, tips and advice on the money markets. I thoroughly recommend Robert's services to any people or organisations who require a factual, informative and humorous speaker either as a keynote or as a speaker who is excellent at upselling to his highly acclaimed workshop."

Kevin Green, UK’s #1 Wealth Coach and the biggest private landlord,


Always on target!

Robert is experienced public speaker who has spoken at more than 500 events around the world since 2003. In 2015 he was named the European Public Speaker Of The Year by the London’s Professional Speakers Academy.

When you work with Robert, you can expect the highest level of service and support. Robert is there to serve you and your audience, and he will do everything he can to help you make your event a success.

Because he is also an event promoter himself, he understands what you need as a promoter and what is important for you and your clients. As an event organizer, he knows that you have enough to think about without worrying if your speaker will deliver or not.

That is why he delivers. No exceptions. No bad days.


Robert Rolih profile


The leading event organizer in Romania, Lorand Soares Szasz, talking about working with Robert.


"We had the pleasure of working with Robert for his seminars in Sofia. Having organized seminars with top speakers such as Robin Sharma, we were very much impressed by Robert’s world class speaking abilities. He showed outstanding competence in his field. Robert was able to engage the attention of audience of over 800 people with ease and provided them with practical information and unique insight into the financial markets. Robert helped us a lot in the promotion of the event. His promotional materials were very professionally prepared and we were able to adapt them easily to the needs of our events. The participants' feedback was great. We are looking forward very much to working with him again!"

Alexander Apostolov
Managing Director, Projecta Ltd. & TenStep Bulgaria


Marketing support

Have you ever booked a speaker and you needed to plead him to give you his testimonials, marketing materials, photos and other promotional stuff?

No worries about that when you work with Robert!

When you start to work with him, you get ready-made marketing campaigns, tons of testimonials, promotional emails, sales pages and a photo gallery you can use. That means less work and worries for you.


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Client testimonials

Please ask Robert’s team for all the other materials.

See Robert in action!

Speaking at the biggest event about money & investing in Russia.

Speaking topics

What the financial industry doesn’t want you to know about investing

Unique, powerful, breathtaking. Get a new philosophy on investing and transform your financial life.

the problem

You are losing money when investing.
Without even knowing it!

Most investors lose up to 80%
of their investing returns

because the investing game is rigged.

If you don't learn what Robert is sharing, the financial industry will take most of our future investing returns, destroy your pension pot and your financial security.

the solution

Get out of the rigged game of investing!

Use Robert's unique
Millionaire Money Making Machine ™
investing system to fast forward your wealth.

  • Take charge of your family's financial security with the A.R.M.O.R. Formula™
  • Grain with the G.R.A.I.N.™ and beat Wall Street pros using a simple passive strategy!
  • Accelerate returns™ and achieve your financial goals faster than you ever thought possible.
  • Take control of your financial future with 3 areas of financial wisdom™ and fire your financial adviser!

Robert is a very successful entrepreneur, and his biggest strengths are marketing and sales.

How to get from one out of ten to eight out of ten at the sales meetings?

At the beginning of his career, he owned a web design agency where he learned how to sell high ticket services to business owners.

When he started this business, he was only able to convert one out of ten clients on sales meetings. Then he started to learn hard about how to sell and in the next few years his sales results were eight acquired clients from ten meetings. Learn his story and the strategies and techniques he used to get there!

Event based marketing campaigns at their best

Robert knows how to run a successful marketing campaign. When he is recommending other people’s products to his list he is constantly one of the top 10 JV partners worldwide making six-figure sales – even though his list is five or ten times smaller than the lists of other JV partners. How does he do that? With some very specific marketing approaches and techniques, he uses. Learn them and profit!

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If you are an event organizer please contact Robert's personal assistant at programs(at) to discuss possible cooperation.


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