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An investing Christmas story

Once upon a time there were a Master and his disciple sitting under a tree in a beautiful garden. The disciple asked: “Master, I feel confused, how can I find my soulmate? Can you help me?”

The Master was silent for a few moments, then said: “This is in fact a very difficult but also an easy question.”

“Look around! In this garden you can see a lot of beautiful flowers. Go ahead, start to walk along the path and try to find the most remarkable flower. The only rule is that you need to follow the path and never walk back. When you find it, pick it and come back to me.”

The disciple agreed and started to walk.

After a while he came back.

The Master smiled and said: “I see you are back. But you are empty-handed!”

The disciple was a bit embarrassed and answered: “While I was walking, I found many beautiful flowers, yet I always kept thinking that I would find a more beautiful one in a minute or two.

And suddenly, I was at the end of the path. I haven’t even realized that I walked by all of the beautiful flowers and couldn’t decide on a single one to pick.

“That’s how it is life…” said the Master. “If you are looking for an opportunity, do not keep comparing it to others and don’t try to find a perfect one. Seize the opportunities that are good and make use of them! If you always want to find something that is perfect, you will waste your whole life.”

The same thing is happening in the investing world…

Many people are trying to find the very best investment opportunity. They try to find the very best possible time to enter the invesment. They try to find the investment that will is guaranteed to outperform.

It’s no wonder they never start investing.

In the investing world there are no guarantees. You never know for sure which investments will be the best for the future.

But you need to start somewhere.

If you don’t start, you lose.

In the last two years the central banks printed almost 50% of all the currency in existence. In other words: the amount of Dollars, Euros and other currencies in circulaton has doubled.

That means that the purchasing power of our money almost halved.

My prediction for 2022 is that the markets will continue to go up and down. Just like they always have. But the long-term direction is UP.

This means that I will take every dip as a Christmas gift and invest more.

What about you?


2022 could bring about the biggest investment opportunity of a decade.

And I’m not exaggerating.

The markets are down sharply. But the bloody start of the year for the stock market could be just the beginning. Throughout this year we will probably see more and more red numbers.

And this is a great news for long term, smart investors!

As you know: the best time to buy is when everybody is fearful and if you know what you are doing, you can get massive returns from these investments!

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