Investing book: The Milion Dollar Decision by Robert Rolih

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The Million Dollar Decision book

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“I thought I knew just about all there is to know about investing. But I put my emotions aside and listened to Robert’s logic and I was stunned! I took immediate action to bring my investments in line with his recommendations. I believe this book really will be a Million Dollar Decision for me!”
–Ralph Brogden, Best-Selling Author,

WOW! You probably never imagined how much money you are losing, without even being aware of it. If you already invest your money or if you are getting started investing, read this book NOW.
–Brian Tracy, International Best Selling Author & Speaker

“Amazing. Surprising. Original. Fun. Definitely a landmark book that will break every assumption you have about investing and managing your money.”
–Kevin Green, one of the UK's largest residential property landlords,

The book that will save your financial life!

Get The Million Dollar Decision on Amazon NOW and save your financial life!

Are you investing your money with the help of financial advisers, money managers or bankers?
Do you know that you need to invest, but you don’t know where to start and who to trust in the financial jungle out there?
Are you a busy professional who hates financial mumbo-jumbo and doesn’t have time for investing?
Are you scared to invest because it seems too overwhelming and complex?

The BAD news is that most financial advisers, investing gurus and other financial “experts” are out there to legally steal your invested money. That is why a typical investor loses more than one million dollars in his or her investing career. The GOOD news is that you can smile now, because finally there is a simple solution. Robert Rolih will share with you the details, the subtleties that will enable you to take control of your money and investments, fire your financial adviser, and outperform the pros while spending only a few hours per year. Make the Million Dollar Decision now and save your financial life!

“Most people DO think they know everything... and then when they hit this world of investing they clam up and freak out.... and end up making bad decisions or no decisions at all. I highly suggest everyone read this book. It's phenomenal.”
–Anthony Morrison, public speaker and self-made millionaire,

“If you care about your financial future and if you don't want to get ripped off by the financial industry, this book is a must read.”
–Daven Michaels, New York Times Best Selling author of Outsource Smart,

“Being a Medical Doctor I never enjoyed any book about finance or investing. This book is first that I found interesting. And not only that, I also decided to change my investing plans for the future. I cannot thank you enough for the information in your book.”

–Dylaan Dowlati, MD, MBA-HCM, Medical Solution Specialist


The Million Dollar Decision is out now! Get it on Amazon!


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