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Interview: How to Retire One Million Dollars Richer?

This is a very interesting interview I had with Mark Ling, a famous entrepreneur from New Zealand.

Watch the interview on YouTube below or download the MP3 file. The interview transcript is below…


[Mark Ling] Hi everyone, this is Mark Ling and today we’re going to be talking about How to Retire One Million Dollars Richer. I have a super amazing special guest called Robert Rolih.

Robert is a successful entrepreneur who grew up in a poor, backwater village in a small country. As of today, he’s worked with the likes of Chet Holmes and Brian Tracy, to name a few.

But on the way to achieving his dream, he lost most of his money because he trusted financial advisers and financial gurus. Well, that inspired Robert to invest seven years of his life to research what’s really going on behind the scenes of the financial industry.

Today, Robert’s mission is to help you get out of what he calls the “rigged game of investing”, and help you avoid the costly mistakes that most investors make.

Without further ado, I’d like to welcome Robert!

[Robert Rolih] Hi and thank you Mark for having me on this call. I believe that I can share some great ideas today for anybody who wants to achieve financial security or even financial freedom. So, it’s an honor to be here!

[Mark Ling] Now, you say that you help people get out of the rigged game of investing. Why do you think that investing is rigged, and what exactly do you do to help people get out of it?

[Robert Rolih] Well, if you want to build wealth, if you want to increase your financial security or if you want to create passive income streams, you need to start investing a part of the money you make.

True financial freedom only comes when you have money working for you. If you always just work for money, and you never build assets and you will always stay in the rat race.

So, most people do invest. But the sad fact is that the people in the financial industry who should be there to help us, are basically legally stealing our invested money. The bankers, brokers, financial advisers and all the Forex trading gurus you see online are rewarded for selling the worst possible investing products to me and you.

That is why most investors lose the lion’s share of their possible returns when investing. In other words: if you are playing the game of investing by the financial industry rules, you will get poor and they will get rich. It’s that simple.

So what do I do? I help my clients avoid that fate. Simply stated: when my clients follow the simple approach to investing I developed in the last 7 years, their money finally starts to work for them and not for the financial industry. And all it takes is a couple of hours per year!

[Mark Ling]  How did you learn how to do this? I understand that you lost most of your money at some point. One would think that financial advisors are the best people we should look to for guidance.

[Robert Rolih] It will probably surprise you that 10 years ago I had no clue about investing, I had no clue about money management and I had no clue about personal finance. Even more: I hated these topics. So now you are probably wondering how did I end up teaching people about them… Well it’s an interesting story.

I was born in a backwater village in a small country with a population of only 2 million. My parents were poor as a church mouse, I had no special talents, I was average in school and I only started to learn to speak English when I was a teenager, that is why I still have this funny accent. So if you were a njučral observer at that time you would say that I will never amount to anything.

But I had something that changed that fate. And that was this vision where I saw myself as a successful business owner in the future. You know as a teenager I would go to the library in a town nearby and borrow business books. My favorite author was Brian Tracy. And I would read these books about goal setting and business skills for hours and hours.

So in 2001 when I was a student living in a student dorm an opportunity presented itself and I started my company from zero. Well it was not exactly zero. You see I had two very big advantages over other business owners. The first one was a phone, a landline that was present in all the rooms in the student dorm. And the second one was an old personal computer that barely worked.

But as luck would have it my business grew and in 2005 I was able to organize my first seminar with the legend itself – with Brian Tracy! So the person whose books I read as a teenager, was a speaker at the event that I organized.

That was a major achievement for me. Brian and I became friends then and that was also a year where I had my first six figure personal income. So it was like dreams come true!

But you know financial success also brings a lot of major problems. And my biggest problem I had was “Where to put all that money?”.

As an entrepreneur I didn’t know anything about investing. Even more… I hated investing and personal finance.

So Mark, who do you think I trusted?

[Mark Ling] Financial advisers?

[Robert Rolih] Yes, you are right. Financial advisers and gurus.

Then, after couple of years me and my wife wanted to see where we stand financially and I asked them to send me the account statements. And when I opened them my hearth just stopped. My money was almost gone. And I thought for myself “Is this really happening? I’m working hard every day in my company, I earn a lot of money, and now most of it is gone???”

I was devastated.

[Mark Ling] Did they give you a toll-free number to call and talk to someone? How do you even begin to address that?

[Robert Rolih] Well my response was to blame them first. And after some time I started to blame myself because I trusted them. But in the end I could say I was lucky. I was lucky, because I found out what is going on with my money while I was still young. Most people save for their pension or try to grow their wealth and they find out that their money is gone when it’s too late.

[Mark Ling] So it seems that after they lost most of your money, you began this new journey. Could you tell us more about how you got started and when you finally made those breakthrough discoveries?

[Robert Rolih] After that I was lucky that I organized another seminar with Brian Tracy, and I invited him to dinner where I told him about my problems. And right there, Brian said something that changed my life and it may as well change your life too:  “Robert it doesn’t matter how much you earn. All that matters is if you have the skills to manage and invest your money.”

At that time I realized: I did not have these skills. I blindly trusted the financial industry. And then I made perhaps the most important decision in my life: “No matter how much time and money it will take – I will become one of the most financially literate people in the world”.

So in the next years I invested heavily in my financial education. I went to all the best seminars, I read more than 300 books and the most important: I started to research what is going on behind the scenes of the financial industry. At that time I realized that the financial industry rigged the investing game so cunningly that even experienced investors are losing most of their potential returns – without even being aware of it.

That is why I now teach people how to get out of that rigged game of investing and to take responsibility for their own money and investing. It’s easy and it takes very little time. We only think it’s hard because the financial industry brainwashed us to think that way.

[Mark Ling]  Well, I guess with most professional services, they need to build their clientele based on the assumption that we can do something that you don’t know how to do, or that you don’t have the time to do. But in your case, clearly that didn’t work. They did a worse job of managing your money than what you’re able to do now with the way you’ve educated yourself. So you teach people how to take control in this area, and as you pointed out, it’s an international problem. It’s not just people in Europe, people in the United States. Anyone who has money and cares about protecting their assets can wake up one day like that. They’ll open their accounts and make the same discovery you made. All of a sudden, they could go, “I don’t have any money.” What is one thing that someone could do right now to begin to take the first step towards getting control of their finances without relying upon the gurus or the financial advisers or experts to tell them what to do?

[Robert Rolih] The first step should to make sure that you don’t do anything stupid with the money you make. Like Warren Buffett said: the first investing rule is Don’t lose money.

So, stop listening to all the financial gurus, advisers and brokers out there. And don’t fall for the ads promising you quick millions. When you see a product that is heavily advertised, there is a good chance that it’s a very bad product for investors. So just stay away from it. Two examples are binary options and Forex trading. Start to use them and you will lose your money. Guaranteed.

[Mark Ling] Is there anything that you could suggest that they could do right now, to see some immediate improvement in their ability to control their finances?

[Robert Rolih] Yes, the second step would be to start investing a part of the money you make the smart way. This means in the long term investing products like for example index funds that have the lowest possible fees. This is how you start to grow your assets fast.

[Mark Ling] So that makes sense. But I would imagine it took you seven years to learn these simple steps. So you’ve obviously got a great deal more knowledge. How would reading your book, The Million Dollar Decision greatly improve my chances for success, as opposed to trying to figure this out on my own? I mean, most of my listeners don’t have seven years to figure it out. How could they benefit from your book The Million Dollar Decision?

[Robert Rolih] The basic promise of the book is simple: Read this book and you will increase your net worth by 1 million in the long run. Just by making some small and easy changes in the way you invest your money.

[Mark Ling]  Now that is a bold promise. I would imagine we have listeners in different countries, here in the U.S., as well as Canada, and all across Europe, Asia and South America. And they might be saying, “Will this work for me?” “I’m different,” or “I’m in a different part of the world.” Does this system really apply to all different types of situations or is it just for a particular kind of investor? How would you answer that?

[Robert Rolih] My clients come from all around the world, because the investing logic and products are the same everywhere. And they are not professional investors. My clients are regular people who already invest and people who know they will need to start investing sooner or later. Most of my clients think about investing as a necessary evil – just like I did. That is why my solutions are simple and you only need an hour or two per YEAR to implement them. Life is short and you don’t want to spend it staring at the boring charts for hours every day.


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