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How to get lucky with money?

Learn what is the only way to increase your luck and attract wealth.

Get Lucky Financially

During the holidays, I played a lot of card games with my family.

My wife always chose our younger son as a partner. Of course, she had good reason for such a move. Our younger son is incredibly lucky with the cards, and as always, all the aces and trump cards have landed in his hands.

After a game with a very sad outcome for my team, my older son asked desperately, “Why is my brother always so lucky with the cards?”

My answer shocked him a bit, as I said, “Luck doesn’t exist.”

Try 51 times

The year was 2003. In Finland, a group of students who won a video game competition, started their own business. Their product? Video games.

After creating some interesting games, they realized that a good game is not enough and that they also need effective marketing and distribution to succeed. So, in the following years, they invested heavily in marketing and distribution and created a total of 51 games. But unfortunately, none of them became a hit.

Because of that in 2009 the company faced severe financial problems and most employees had to be laid off.

Then in December 2009, they launched game no. 52.

It was called Angry Birds and because of that game Rovio is worth over a billion euros today.

angry birds money

Quantum world

We live in a world ruled by the laws of quantum physics. The key law of quantum physics states that there are no certainties but only probabilities.

And here lies the first pillar of the concept called “luck.”

People who try more things have more luck.


Simply because they are exposed to higher probabilities. People who persist and try 10 different things, are more likely to run into something that works, compared to people who try only one thing.

It’s not about luck, it’s about probabilities. Every opportunity, every meeting, every technique has a certain probability of success. And that probability is never 100%.

Recently we were marketing my seminar in Sweden and we tried app. 25 different Facebook ads. We tested different images, we tested different headlines, we tested different landing pages. 23 combinations didn’t work. Two did and we had a successful seminar. If we tried only one ad and expected it to work, we would fail.

Most people don’t understand this concept and give up on the first or second attempt.

This is largely due to our school system, which rewards us for knowing the right answer. Therefore, when we grow up, we do not understand that most of the time our answers will be wrong and that being wrong is perfectly OK. Nobody in school teaches you that you need to try 10 things that will not work to get to the one that will work.

The law of attraction

The second pillar of the concept called “luck” is something more intangible.

My wife says that our younger son has such a passion and positive energy that he simply attracts good cards.

We can call this concept optimism, a positive worldview, the law of attraction, or … (fill in the blank). The name doesn’t matter. Just as it doesn’t matter if you understand the principles of electricity in order to turn on the light.

A positive worldview is simply a prerequisite that enables you to persist and try more different things.

The founders of Rovio have a positive outlook on the world. If they didn’t have one, they would have given up after the first few games.

It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do, you can increase your luck just by having a positive worldview and by trying more things.

My friend and business partner Brian Tracy once said: ‘I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances, be more active, show up more often.’

Do that and people will soon talk about you as a person born under a lucky star.

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