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Famous investing gurus are… it will surprise you

Warren Buffett, George Soros, Peter Lynch, Carl Icahn, John Templeton… The list of famous investors goes on and on. They are our role models. They are featured in all the investing books. Their quotes are on all the social media sites.

And that’s OK.

But let’s do a quick experiment. Try to google the words “famous investors”. Do you see something similar in all the photos that appear at the top of the page?

famous investors

Yes, you are right!

These famous investors are all OLD!

And probably they would bore you to death if you meet them. It’s no wonder, what else can you expect of people who spent decades of their lives looking at the charts, analyzing balance sheets and reading financial newspapers.

Don’t you think this is boring?

I don’t like staring at the charts. I hate financial newspapers. And I wouldn’t care less for the corporate balance sheets. I think that these things don’t make this world a better place.

…but I love investing. I love the idea of money that is working for me.

And I love to spend my days being with my family, running my business, speaking and sharing my knowledge, doing something meaningful.

So don’t spend too much time for investing. Use smart, passive strategies that will make you more money than trading the markets.

And use your time for money making activities and for the activities that you enjoy the most.

Let’s bet something. I bet that when you are on your deathbed you will not say: “Uh, I wish I spent more time looking at the stock charts”.

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