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My 17 best investing quotes

Robert Rolih Investing Quotes

Following the huge success of The Million Dollar Decision I wanted to share with you 17 best investing quotes from my bestseller. Here they are! Read them, apply them and win the money game of life!

The best investing quotes:

“Investing is simple. It’s the financial industry that works hard to make it complex!” (Robert Rolih)

“Blindly trusting financial experts is like trusting your chickens to Mr. Fox.” (Robert Rolih)

“The most popular investing products are the worst ones for investors.” (Robert Rolih)

“When investing, greed can be your worst enemy.” (Robert Rolih)

Robert Rolih focused on his work

“If you are playing the rigged game of investing, the house always wins.” (Robert Rolih)

“Lack of ethics is so ingrained in the financial industry that they are not even aware of it any more. It’s just business as usual for them.” (Robert Rolih)

 “You only get to know which predictions will be correct afterwards. When it’s too late.” (Robert Rolih)

  “Love risk when making money. Hate risk when investing money.” (Robert Rolih)

Robert Rolih money quotes

“The definition of a person who practices visualization and positive thinking, without taking action: a broke loser.” (Robert Rolih)

 “Knowing the right detail gets you a great return. Ignore them and you just crash & burn.” (Robert Rolih)

 “When something seems too good to be true, it usually is.” (Robert Rolih)

 “Trying to pick the stocks that outperform the average is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.” (Robert Rolih)

 “Even a 1% difference in expense ratio can make all the difference between a comfortable retirement and financial distress.” (Robert Rolih)

Investing quote from The Million Dollar Decision

 “You have 30 to 50 times better chances of creating a successful business than at succeeding as a short-term trader.” (Robert Rolih)

 “Trading the markets is a totally self-centered activity. Nobody’s life gets better because you trade. Except your broker’s life.” (Robert Rolih)

 “When investing, more effort means worse results, most of the time.” (Robert Rolih)

 “They say money can’t buy happiness. But it can sure as hell solve a lot of problems!” (Robert Rolih)

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