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Terms & Conditions

The information on this webpage and the information presented by Robert Rolih, The Million Dollar Training ltd. or any of its staff at live seminars, online trainings, workshops, audio programs, video programs, webinars, articles and other materials is for educational purposes. Any examples used are for educational and illustrative purposes only.

The Million Dollar Training ltd. and Robert Rolih is not a stockbroker, broker dealer, or investment advisors. They are not recommending particular stocks, options, forex, CFD or securities of any kind. The names of any firms of stockbroker, stock exchange, financial institutions, financial planners, bookmakers, or financial websites mentioned are for illustrative purposes only.

The decision on which company to use if any is at the total discretion of each individual person. It is recommended that you seek a professional licensed broker prior to implementing any investment programme or financial plan. The Million Dollar Training ltd. cannot guarantee any results or investment returns based on the information you receive. You must read and understand the above and be aware of the risks of all trading and investing and be willing to accept them before investing.

Trading stocks, options, forex, CFD, spreadbetting or securities and using Copytrading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risks. Stock market trading is not appropriate for all investors. Past performance and any examples or testimonials cited is no indication or guarantee of anticipated future results. Individual results will vary and cannot be guaranteed.

The Million Dollar Training ltd. and Robert Rolih and/or our authorised crew members may from time to time take photographs and/or do video recording of events. We will also ask for testimonials from you. By signing the Waiver and Disclaimer form you authorise us to use the testimonials and photographs for marketing purposes. This workshop may not be recorded in any way, without written permission from The Million Dollar Training ltd. and Robert Rolih.

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