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How I met personal and business growth legend Brian Tracy?

Robert Rolih & Brian Tracy

If you were with me in the winter of 2004, you would be looking at me and my future wife Sara sitting on a mattress in our tiny 450 square foot apartment we just rented. We don’t have enough money to buy a bed yet, so the mattress on the floor is not a bad solution.

The furniture in the apartment is old and worn-down, the lights are dim. Not really a place you would like to live in for years to come. And as you look through the window you notice that it’s a dark, rainy day outside.

You see us talking and we look concerned. There is this uncomfortable tension in the air. The tension you feel when you need to make a decision, that you really don’t want to make yet. A decision that could change the course of our lives or ruin us.

Ready to take a calculated risk?

“Robert, do you realize that if this doesn’t go as planned… if we don’t sell enough tickets, if the flight is cancelled because of bad weather… or if something else unforeseen happens, we’ll go bankrupt, we’ll lose everything?

“Yeah, I know Sara.” I replied quietly, thinking about what that would mean for us. Our company we founded in a student dorm 3 years ago, was just able to break even last year. If we didn’t nail this seminar we would need to close down the company and pay off the debts for years to come.

And then I slowly continued: ”…And I am also aware that we do not have enough money to do it. It would be better to wait couple of years till we have more money, and I also know that I don’t have a good idea of how we will promote the seminar.”

“… but now we have a unique opportunity – it’s once in a lifetime. If we sell out this seminar, we can become the leading player in the business training industry in our market, we can earn a lot of money and the most important thing: we can become Brian Tracy’s friends and business partners.”

So we decided to go for it, to organize our first big event with the legendary author Brian Tracy as a speaker. We had a lot of difficulties raising enough money, we were scared. But we gave it our best…

…and all the rest is history. Seminar was a full house, we earned a lot of money, we got lots of loyal customers and I became Brian’s friend and business partner.

Do you want excuses or results in your life?

But on the other hand it would have been very easy to find excuses why not to go into this project. We did not have the money, it was clearly too risky, our company was still on shaky ground and we were too young – only 27 years old…

People who are not successful in life have a lot of opportunities to achieve their goals and dreams. But they always find excuses like: I will start when I know everything, I will start when I have the money, I will start in three months when I have more time…

Successful people however know that if you’re thinking like this you will never start. You will never grab the key opportunities in life. You’ll never have more time, the conditions will never be ideal, you’ll never have enough money, and things will never be just right to start.

Successful people know that it can’t get better than it is now. Now is the only right time to start taking care of your amazing financial future.

Harv T. Eker once said: “In life you can have excuses or results. You cannot have both at the same time.”

What would you rather have?



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